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2022 Asia Smart Retail Display &E Expo (SRDE 2022)

Issuing time:2022-06-18 21:09

China has a population of 1.4 billion, accounting for one third of the Asian population, forming a huge consumer market demand, making the market scale of intelligent display and supermarket equipment hundreds of billions, thus forming a complete industrial chain of intelligent display and supermarket equipment to meet the huge market demand.

[Range of exhibits]

Intelligent display exhibition area

Commercial space design, display supplies and POP products: store design and decoration, commercial Beauty Chen design, clothing display, commercial window display design, brand image design, store design, advertising and promotion system, marketing technology and brand promotion activity planning, booth design and decoration, comprehensive store solutions; Lighting of commercial space, lighting equipment of shopping mall, display case and window, etc. Commodity display equipment and display props, commercial display cabinets/exhibition stands, all kinds of exhibition tools, display display supplies; Visual display, promotion, POP marketing products, digital signs, signage, signage, interactive media, digital stores, etc.

Commercial and super shelves, warehousing and logistics equipment exhibition area

1. Supermarket, logistics facilities: shopping cart/basket, shelf/cabinet, commodity display cabinet, storage equipment, refrigerator/freezer equipment, checkout counter, etc.;

2. Commercial storage and logistics equipment, refrigerated and frozen food storage and transportation equipment, display equipment, commercial super special refrigerator, commercial kitchen equipment and facilities, commercial cold chain, bakery equipment, food preservation display cabinet, commercial center floor cleaning, cleaning materials and equipment and supplies.

Safety equipment Exhibition area

Commercial retail security system, anti-theft system, electronic shelf label, commodity anti-counterfeiting technology, anti-loss technology, electronic goods monitoring system, bar code terminal equipment, access control, monitoring and alarm system, intelligent channel, customer diversion guide, entry and exit machine, gate machine, etc.

Commercial and supermarket Retail Equipment Exhibition Area

1. Cash register equipment and related products: POS machine, scanning equipment, automatic identification equipment and technology, bill printer, display equipment, electronic cash register, etc.

2. Supermarket information network technology: EDS, ELECTRONIC Transfer System (EFS), department store information Management system (MIS), POS system, multimedia shopping guide system, electronic ordering system, etc.

3. Others: automatic bag storage cabinet, bag Posting cabinet, Posting cabinet, price tag, supermarket supplies, etc

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