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GS-P70 phone covers glass showcases

GS-P70 phone covers glass showcases
型号 : GS-P70
Product Details

We devoted ourselves to phone covers glass showcases many years, covering whole USA and the Europe market, and expect to be become your long term partner in China on such phone covers glass showcases.

Promise that easy installation, we leave all accessories well for you already.

Project: phone covers glass showcases

Size: 2.9m by 5.35m, size could build per your need.


Surface finish: glossy white/yellow painting or laminate.

Do you like the wood grains style on your phone covers glass showcase?

We have lot of wood grains types for you to select, then ensure that you can have what you like on overal final finish look.

If you are looking for a phone covers glass showcase in shopping mall, this solution will be suitable for you. And all display space is with lockable glass doors. We also can prepare fabrics cover during night if you still think not safe enough for this phone covers glass showcase.

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